Creamery District Artists

On October 7, 2013

The Creamery District Artists funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, Julie Willows and Dorothy Egan Memorial Funds both funds of The Humboldt Area Foundation.
• Informational map available at the
Arcata Playhouse on 251 9 Street.

@ Creamery District (between 8 and 9 and L to N)
Lori Goodman: The Gathering, sculpture  9 Street between L and N in the Creamery District

Goodman arrived in Humboldt County in the early ’70s as a weaver.  Weaving became too laborious and slow and her frustration led her to papermaking.   In the ’70s paper was just becoming a more popular medium and it satisfied all of Goodman’s interests.  She has been making paper ever since.  Process is important in her work and there is plenty of it:  cooking the fiber, beating it, making the paper.  But, she finds it satisfying, meditative and stimulating.  Paper can be molded, shaped, poured, sprayed, as well as being formed into a flat sheet of paper.

The piece she constructed for the Creamery is paper made from Kozo, a papermaking mulberry that is extremely strong and has a great deal of wet strength.  Goodman has always wanted to put the paper outside which means finding ways to render it weather proof.  This piece has fiberglass sandwiched between the paper with a non toxic resin coating.

The Gathering (pictured left), as she has named it, is reminiscent of a crowd gathered on the lawn.  Some are talking, some facing a way, others just doing their own thing

Timothy E. Gray: FootFall, soundscape, information packet and a limited number of listening devices are available at the Arcata Playhouse 1251 9Street.

This soundscape was created to accompany a stroll around the Creamery District. Our day to day existence is filled with a wide variety of sounds. The world is quite a noise filled place. So much so that most of us screen out much of this sound (to maintain one’s sanity). It is designed to envelop you, the listener, into another aural world, an alternative universe in sound. I have designed this primarily for headphone/earbud use with the portable devices that are ubiquitous in the human culture, cell phones, iPods and other mp3 players, freely downloadable here.  The listener can use their computer to download the pieces, then place them on their smartphone or other mp3 player for full portability or from your data enabled smartphone you can stream the pieces one at a time from this webpage by simply selecting each piece.

The soundscape consists of eight pieces a little over 5 minutes each. They are designed to be experienced in a variety of ways. One can visit the location that inspired each piece, pause and soak it in, or simply stroll about and listen to the pieces in whatever order the listener chooses. The listener can also experiment with volume. One can either turn the volume up to be fully enveloped into the soundscape or find a quieter volume to blend the soundscape with the “real” world.

Susan Bloch: Zephyr, sculpture (9th and L Street)

“I’ve been excited by the creative energy generated in the Creamery District. Hearing Jackie Dandeneau on the radio calling for innovative, varied art works spurred me to submit a proposal. Making a sculpture for an alternative space appealed to me.  Inspired by waves, water, wind, movement, sunlight and ocean life-especially jellyfish; I planned Zephyr to hang above one’s normal field of vision. You don’t have to know what it is for it to pull you up and out of everyday thoughts into the spirit of curiosity and wonder generated by the Creamery District.

Experiencing all the art in the midst of the Creamery Festival extravaganza of activities with performances, lights shows, parades, Elemental, theater and music brought the joy of art close to the bone and accessible to everyone. The sculptures remain as added enticements to a hub of creativity.”

Robert Pabst: Urban Art, mural: (9 and L Street) on the storage units
Malia Penhall: fiber installation; Cosy Nitwit Forest, pictured right (at the intersection of 8 and N Street)
Malia Penhall/James Hildebrandt: Street Art: painting: (middle of the street 9 and L Street)

@The Arcata Playhouse  (121 9th Street)
Art and Improv: Comedy
Comedy and Cocktails at the Arcata Playhouse at 8pm. Theater and Sports all mixed up together, pitting HSU’s The Unscripted Sutras vs The Might Punsters:  Jackie Dandeneau, Jerry Lee Wallace, Amy Tetzlaff, Damion Lang and others. Who will grab the golden ring!  $10/$8 Playhouse members/students
Shadow Play with James Hildebrandt: 10pm outside weather permitting

 @ The Greenway Building (1385 8Street)
Deborah Ketelsen – Photography of Africa and the Middle East
Danny Baer – Masks
Christian Wisner – Humboldt Food and Farming
Julie Rofman – Reconstructionist Impressions
Music by: The Jim Lahman Band

@ Redwood Raks
Humboldt Folklife Society Barn Dance at 7:30pm; Blake and Sam play live music with Sue Moon calling. Fun for all ages. Prices: $7/$6 HFS members. Kids are free. No partner or experience needed.


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